" Home-made dishes,

ingredients fresh out of our garden,

well prepared with love"

I stand for a delicious and honest kitchen;

tasty dishes made with love;

well balanced with lot's of fresh ingredients.

At Breakfast we serve French baguette and home made bread, yoghurts, fresh fruit, home made jam, orange juice, honey, cheese and ham, coffee and tea.


Every morning, another hot specialty such as oat pancakes, eggs, hot chocolate, ...

Optional service:

prepared sandwich to take on the slopes

or even better, a real BBQ in nature

Wine tastings

The evening dinner is prepared with fresh ingredients in the chalet kitchen.

Three-course dinner existing of an entree, main dish and desert.

Optional: a platter of French cheese before dessert.

We are very flexible in our menus:

simplified children menu, adjustments for sportive people, vegetarian or vegan,

special dessert for celebrations, gluten free, ...

Challenge us with all your special requirements!

Fred's ultimate favorite:


:: Chocolate cake ::


- 250g dark chocolate

- 125g butter

- 4 eggs

- 40g strained flour

- 40g maïzena

Melting chocolate is not as hard as it seems. Take a bowl of glass, break the chocolate bars in small pieces, add a little bit of water and put it 1 min in the microwave. Stir a little, add the butter cut in small pieces and put again in the microwave for 1min. Wait a moment and stir until you get a smooth chocolate paste.

Beat the eggs and sugar till you get a foamy texture. While mixing, add flour and maïzena. The use of maïzena will give an more airy texture to the cake. Mix carefully with the chocolate paste and add a splash of high quality cream.

Take the baking mould of your dreams, and butter it. Poor some flour in the mold so that a little layer of flour covers all butter. Poor the chocolate-egg paste in the mould ... and you're ready to bake!

Bake the cake during approximately 20min at 180°C. The exact timing will depend on your oven.

Bon appetit!

For potato heads:

:: Hässelback potatos ::


- beautiful potatoes of equal size

- quality butter

- herbs of the Provence

Clean the potatos thoroughly.

Make cuts in them: cut layers of about 2mm thick, stop cutting at about 5mm from the bottom, leaving the potato in one piece.

It is wise to put 2 pencils beside the potato. Now you can cut in up to the pencils without the risk to split the potato.

Melt the butter and season it with the herbs. You can be creative and add the tastes you want.

Spread all potatoes on an oven baking plate and brush them with 1/3rd of the butter.

Bake them for 60min at 200°C.

Repeat the brushing every 20 minutes.

These tasteful potatoes look just amazing! A worthy alternative for fries or gratin dauphinois.


"Les goûts et couleurs" is a company, founded by Anne Roggeman, located in a chalet in Auris-en-Oisans.

The perfect place for either your ski or summer holidays in the mountains. .


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